Couple’s Therapy and Counseling in Lancaster PA

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I believe that the desire to seek out relationship therapy is an important step towards healing potential wounds. Finding the right marriage counselor or couples therapist to fit your needs can be a challenging process. I am trained in the art of couples counseling and am eager to assist you with your relationship needs.

I specialize in helping couples identify barriers that may exist within their relationship and guide them towards places of change. I am down to earth, practical and interactive. Using a conversational and direct style, I assist people in relationships to identify unhealthy patterns of behavior, which can often be the source of significant pain.  

The primary benefits of couples counselling include:-

1. Improving the way you communicate with one another, reducing the number and intensity of your arguments, enhancing your understanding of each other’s needs and reactions. Read More

2. Revitalizing lost intimacy and restoring a sense of loving emotional connection in your relationship. Read More

3. Helping a couple to negotiate or renegotiate commitments. Read More

If you are ready to take your first step toward finding balance in your life and relationship, you can call me directly at (717) 288-5064 or send me a confidential email using my secure contact form.