Anxiety Therapy, Counseling, and Treatment in Lancaster, PA

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If you are looking for information about anxiety therapy, counseling and treatment, know that you are not alone. Anxiety related issues are frequently intertwined with many aspects of our daily lives. If you are hoping to find a therapist that treats anxiety, chances are you want to work with an individual who can tune into your unique set of issues. Rest assured that I understand the nature of anxiety and how it can manifest in different ways. Some of the symptoms are obvious, like racing thoughts and constant worrying.

Other symptoms can be more insidious and hidden and can pop up in the form of negative thinking, thought distortions, and problem behaviors. If left unchecked, anxiety can make a real mess of your life, contributing to medical problems and can exacerbate other pre-existing health conditions such as physical pain.

If you are ready to take your first step toward finding balance in your life, you can call me directly at (717) 288-5064 or send me a confidential email using my secure contact form.