Depression Therapy, Counseling, and Treatment in Lancaster PA

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If you are looking to receive therapy for depression in Lancaster, PA, you are not alone. Many people in our area experience symptoms of depression. For men in Lancaster County, it's often tied up in the pressure men feel to be a provider for their families. Because of the hard work ethic and entrepreneurial mentality of Lancaster County, men believe they are supposed to be successful and provide for their families.Often, their identity is contingent on how well we do that. For women, Lancaster County’s focus on family is at odds with the way more married women have increasingly entered the workforce and find it difficult to juggle job and family responsibilities, and all the while, women are expected to do it with a smile on their face. Sometimes these feelings of sadness can be powerful, hitting in waves of intensity. The good news is that talk therapy has been clinically proven to help relieve some of the symptoms of depression so that you can feel better and be at peace with the world around you.

One of the biggest hurdles many people face when seeking out counseling for depression can be found in the word “depression” itself. Why? Simply because the word depression conjures all sorts of mental imagery connected to false stereotypes. Some of these stereotypes include believing that people with depression are somehow “broken” or that depression means a person is somehow “weak”. The truth is that everyone experiences some form of depression during the course of a lifetime. Some folks struggle with this mood issue more than others. For example, many celebrities live with depression but we don’t know it, because we experience them through the camera  and not as they truly are in their daily lives. Sometimes you may find yourself ‘acting’ in your everyday life to hide the emotional pain you feel.

And so the label of “depression” can act as a barrier to emotional and physical wellness, because it stops people from picking up the phone to address an often difficult life challenge. What usually helps people move past these kinds of barriers is the simple recognition that depression can be caused by a number of different things which are beyond a person’s ability to control.

There are a number of different benefits that therapy can offer if you are depressed:

  1. The ability to release some of your pent-up emotions in a healthy and productive way

  2. Helping you to think of things differently and potentially in a more positive way.

  3. Clearing Negativity: therapy can help you to clear some of your negative thoughts, which, no doubt, have caused you to experience negative energy in different areas of your life.

  4. New Ways of Coping: therapy can also help you discover new and healthy ways of coping with depression such as becoming more physically active or helping you to formulate a healthy support system.

  5. Improved Thinking: Therapy for depression often focuses on assisting you in directly challenging irrational thoughts and assumptions.

If you are ready to take your first step toward finding balance in your life, you can call me directly at (717) 288-5064 or send me a confidential email using my secure contact form.