Individual Counseling

Session Length: 53 min

Individual counseling is an effective intervention for many different concerns from serious mental illness to those looking to increase fulfilment in their lives. My role is to be a secure and warm base to assist you and help you build the skills needed for you to work through the problems you have come to address. We will create a strong therapeutic relationship that offers support and strength to explore your inner conflicts and the true root of the issue. Together we will work to create a unique plan and set of interventions to address your needs.


Children and Adolescents

Session Length: 53 min

I specialize working with youth through a variety of concerns.  I am experienced working with complex trauma, adoptions, LGBTQ related issues, school related issues, behavior issues and more.  I begin with a trauma informed perspective and utilize a variety of strategies and therapeutic techniques to assist young people in their journeys and assist parents in being supportive and adaptive as well. My flexibility allows for alternative strategies to be implemented which can increase the effectiveness of therapy and make change possible. I work with the young person to identify and process the core issue leading to concern, increase coping skills while also working to structure the environment around them to modify unsafe or maladaptive behaviors.


Couples Counseling:

Session Length: 60 min

Couples counseling is a healthy and fulfilling way to increase intimacy and satisfaction within your relationship.  In any relationship, there will be times that you grow apart, experience conflict, have difficulty communicating, or just want to push your relationship to the next level.   Couples counseling is designed to increase your ability to communicate effectively and ensure the needs of each person and the relationship are met. My role is to help you and your partner nurture the relationship in a safe environment and to help you to manage areas of conflict in healthy and productive ways.



Session Length: 53 minutes

This service is only available to self-pay clients in the state of Pennsylvania.


Licensure Supervision