Improved Communication and Understanding Between a Couple

A relationship is made up of individuals, and as individuals, we bring our own personal history, personality, needs, hopes and desires to our relationships. As a result, even the most exceptional couple will never see eye to eye on every issue. To be able to come together and share our lives with another human being, there will always be the need for discussion, compromise and negotiation. Our ability to communicate with our partner – to share our own needs and fears, and to listen properly to their needs and fears – is an essential tool for any healthy relationship. A qualified couples or relationship counselor is trained to recognize and challenge your current communication habits, and to teach you how to communicate more effectively with one another. Often, just being encouraged to talk openly and honestly during your couples counseling session can already set you on the path to more open and calmer communication. Strong communication skills (talking and listening) will allow you to resolve problems big and small, and will help keep your relationship strong even during times of severe stress.

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