Rejuvenating Your Emotional Connection and Restoring Lost Intimacy

The early stages of a relationship are generally filled with emotional intensity, strong sexual desire for each other, and feelings of warmth towards one another. During this ‘honeymoon period’, couples often want to spend as much of their time together as possible. However, as the relationship progresses and becomes more familiar, the daily grind tends to interfere with our love affair and we may begin to lose our feelings of connectedness. Maybe we don’t spend as much quality time together as we used to, or maybe we are too tired to enjoy each other sexually. Or perhaps we are simply allowing minor irritations about our partner’s habits to get in the way of our deeper feelings. Whatever the cause, lost intimacy and feelings of agitation towards each other are not uncommon amongst couples who have been together for an extended period of time. A couple may go through many different periods where they come together and then pull apart to become individuals again. While this process of coming together and then pulling apart to individuate is a normal developmental phase of any relationship, it can place enormous pressure on the relationship. A qualified couples counselors can help a couple understand each other through this process and also help restore lost emotional and physical closeness.

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